The Dorm Rooms

Written on December 19, 2013 at 7:02 am, by admin

I live on in the dorms my freshman year of college. The dorms we lived in were named after wine grapes so that was fun. Probably not the best idea for school but its been like that forever. I lived in a co-ed dorm. It composed of:

  • 8 people (4 guys / 4 girls)
  • 4 rooms (2 / room)
  • 2 Bathrooms (dual vanities with separate shower and separate toilet and a big closet)
  • 1 Common room with fridge and microwave. These connected to the shared area with the bathroom sinks which led to doors into the 2 bedrooms / shower / toilet room.

It was pretty awesome and a pretty big room. We actually converted our shower room into the smoking room because it would stink up the area around us. We kept the shower closed and used a poofer to blow out through dryer sheets. School was really fun. Not having lived on my own before, we drank almost any night we could find someone to buy us alcohol.

One thing that was always awesome was that we would spend time watching stupid TV shows like One Tree Hill or watch jacked up every week (top 5 hits in football). I was trying to remember what else we spent a lot of time doing and I forgot that we played a ton of FIFA and Gears of War.  Both were very addicting and really fun.

Victor Charging Station

Written on December 18, 2013 at 12:41 am, by admin

The Victor M007 humane mouse trap is a live catching trap. There are no poisons required and this trap enables mice to be freely released into the wild.  This trap is safe to be used around children, pets, food and water. The product is 10.8 inches by 6 inches by 5.5 inches and it weighs 5.1 ounces.  This mouse trap is a low end model which is perfect for when mice get into my phone’s charging station. They are easy to set off which means that once it is set off, then you lose the ability to catch any mice. It seems like the mice are almost smarter than these traps.

Mice have been known to steal the bait from these traps with little difficulty. These traps are hard to set correctly. Even if it does catch the mice, eventually the door with drop open and the mice will escape. Mice have also been known to chew through the plastic to escape.

Another reason that these traps are not good is because there is no indicator to let you know when the mouse is caught. You can’t see them through the container and when you do check it requires you to reset the trap. The trap has tiny air holes so the mice will die in an hour anyways. If you are truly looking for a humane mouse trap, look at another product. There are other alternatives out there that do not require as much work as this type of trap.

Worst Injury Ever

Written on December 16, 2013 at 10:28 pm, by admin

I recently injured my hamstring. Before that I had plantar facitis and a strained calf. Somewhere in the middle of that, I injured my quad too. That’s the thing with leg injuries, once you get an injury, the likelyhood of injuring another part of your leg increases by like a bazillion percent. I had a physically demanding job where I had to carry heavy things around. I was so tired at the end of the day and sweaty that I didn’t want to stretch. I mentally told myself that if I don’t stretch, then I could get hurt. Well folks it finally happened. I got one of the worst injuries possible to man kind.

I’ve had ankle injuries and groin injuries, but those never prepared me for this one. Plantar facitis. It is honestly the most annoying and long lasting injury ever. It took me about a year to feel back to normal again. Exercising was difficult, my feet were in so much pain when I was running. I thought it would never end. Once my feet started to hurt, my calves would soon follow. This caused me to be out of shape. One day I was playing soccer and I went to kick the ball. I swung so hard that I injured my hamstring. This injury lasted about 6 weeks and I couldn’t even try to play soccer or else I would get hurt. It was so freaking annoying.

I also pulled a quad muscle, that injury only lasted 3 weeks. Once the soccer season ended, I decided to take a break from vigorous exercise and chill out for a couple months. When i did get back into things, I took yoga for a month until my broke ass couldn’t afford to do it anymore. I learned 2-3 new stretches that made my legs feeeel amazing! So I took that from yoga and now I do it all the time.

What did I do when I was chilling? I did upper body exercises. Push Ups, pull ups and ab workouts were my routine. I got a free standing pull up bar from the internet and it was great. I can now do three sets of 8 pull ups. Things started out rough, as I could only do one. But I am so much stronger now that I can drastically feel the effects. Now all my friends call me up when they are moving :/.

Leg injuries take time to heal. So please be cautious and take care of all parts of your legs, not just the part that is injured. Everything is so connected down there that one injury WILL effect the rest of your body.